Wellness Champions

Wellness Champions

What is a Wellness Champion?

Wellness Champions are employees committed to health.  They serve as representatives of their departments and play a crucial part in the promotion of health and wellness within the Teledyne Brown community.  Wellness Champions serve as communicators of the wellness program and help direct employees to programs, activities and resources.

Characteristics of a Wellness Champion

Wellness Champions are:

  • Enthusiastic about health
  • Knowledgeable of TBE's Wellness Program
  • Engaged with co-workers
  • Motivational
  • Creative
  • Committed to the Wellness Program
Responsibilities of a Wellness Champion

Wellness Champions:

  • Market and publicize wellness activities
  • Recruit co-workers to participate in the program
  • Provide feedback to the Wellness Manager
  • Attend meetings and annual orientation
  • Serve as a wellness resource for their department
  • Lead by example
Benefits of Being a Wellness Champion

Benefits of serving as a Wellness Champion include:

  • Receive health information firsthand
  • Strengthen peer, professional and cross-campus relationships
  • Contribute to a happy, healthy work environment
  • Motivation to commit to personal health
How Do I Become a Wellness Champion?

If you are interested in becoming a Wellness Champion, contact Jennifer Geist, Wellness Manager, at 256-726-1425 or Jennifer.Geist@Teledyne.com

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