What is EAP?

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an information, counseling, and referral service. It provides free, confidential, professional services for employees and their dependents.

Any full-time employee may use the EAP for help with any personal problem. The EAP is also available to any dependents who are covered under TBE's group health plan.

Effects of Personal Problems

Some of the types of problems for which assistance may be sought are:

Abuse of alcohol, drugs, or other substances
Marital, family, or other relationships
Financial and legal services
Grief, anxiety, depression, stress, or other emotional concerns.


The EAP is provided by Teledyne Brown as an employee benefit. There is no charge for the assessment, counseling, or referral. If a referral is made to an outside agency for specialized services, there may be a cost. Some of these charges may be partially covered under TBE's group health plan.

How to use the EAP

Our EAP is now operated by CIGNA. You or a covered member of your family may contact CIGNA at 1-888-226-3301. Sometimes problems can be resolved over the phone. If an office visit seems necessary, an appointment may be scheduled. When appropriate, referrals may be made to other agencies for alcohol and drug treatment programs, marriage and family counseling, financial and legal services, and other concerns.

You may also visit CIGNA online at www.cignabehavioral.com and enter Teledyne's company ID number, TDY717.

For questions, please contact Jennifer Geist at 256-726-1425 or Jennifer.Geist@Teledyne.com.


Your request for information or assistance will be kept strictly confidential, as will any discussion between you and your counselor. No information concerning the nature of your problem will be released without your written consent. If you referred yourself for assistance, no one else will know that you have used the EAP.


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